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In our clinic we conduct special visits. Among the foremost mentioned

3/4D Ultrasound
(three / four dimensional)

By this examination it is possible to visualize the structure of a child in three dimensions, in static or dynamic way, using a special probe. Pregnant mother or couple enjoye this moment, being able to create an idea of their child's appearance.






Colposcopy represents a simple non painful examination.The cervix is visualised and then dyed with acetic acid or Lugoli. Colposcope is a microscope that magnifies the view to see sides of small dimensions,used specialy in case of suspicious or positive Pap tests. Videocolposcopia consists of colposcopy footage, using a camera, video system and through which patient itself follows registration. Through these examinations pre-neoplastic or benign and malignant neoplastic injury of the cervix can be diagnosed.






PAP TEST (cervical cytology) and HPV

Cervical cytology is an examination based on prevention of cervical tumors . The cells are taken from the cervix, spreaded on a glass and fixed,and afterwords the cytologist exams them .It is an simple, painless examination realized once a year to women from the first moment of first sexual relation.It is not realized at the time of menstruation. HPV is a simple test similar to the Pap test.The aim of the test is to identify the HPV virus like the first cause of cervical cancer . Serves as a screening method to determine HPV infection.






Trans-vaginal Ultrasound is a harmless, painless, examination ,which is realized with a specific probe , inserted vaginaly. With this method the information obtained is far more correct , as the probe is direct contact with the cervix. This examination is not performed to virgin females. For transvaginal ultrasound no preliminary preparations are needed..Bladder can be empty.It is appropriate to use in obese women or in skin disorders like abdominal scars